iCST session

iCST session

What we do

Translating evidence from

dementia research into clinical practice

iCST session

iCST session

experiences of people with dementia and their carers participating in individual cst

Taking part in the iCST intervention motivated people with dementia to keep their mind active and look for more information about mental stimulation (1).

“It (iCST) made me start thinking about doing what I used to do which was paintings over there, that I've done …I can get up and do things more easily” (Person with dementia).

Carers found iCST helped them to frame conversations and enhance the caregiving relationship quality.

“… Just opening topics of conversation, maybe listening to her, encouraging her to express herself and talk about things.” (Carer)

“…You can get a laugh out of it, the barriers come down… We enjoyed that time together!”. (Person with dementia)


iCST Dementia training and Consultancy

iCST Dementia Training and Consultancy is led by Dr Phuong Leung; she is a dementia researcher and has extensive clinical experience working with people with dementia, their carers, and healthcare professionals in facilitating iCST training nationally and internationally.

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Our mission

Working together

to make a difference in dementia

iCST dementia training; translate dementia research evidence into practice.

iCST dementia training; translate dementia research evidence into practice.

Previous iCST training feedback

Dementia family carer “Being able to ask and learn from the experts! Understanding that there is time to make a positive difference. I found it all useful. A privilege to be able to be part of the training…It would be wonderful to see this valuable technique rolled out more widely”

Dementia occupational therapist “Only vague knowledge in the past, now greater understanding… Lovely venue, easy to find, great lunch and relaxed atmosphere.”

Dementia Advisor “The training gave me a detailed understanding of iCST and some training in its practical application…I really enjoyed the training today. It has been inspirational!”

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their feedback on the iCST training.

Community psychiatric nurse “I feel it was all very relevant… a lot to take in, plenty of information, excellent day”

Occupational therapist “Very enjoyable and informative, with practice I will feel confident to deliver iCST”

Memory monitoring nurse “It was useful to know how to fully engage the carer with the clients. It was very interesting. I like the idea that this therapy helps carers too. It brings out the best on the clients”

Specialist Occupational therapist “Very well presented and informative iCST training session”

Occupational therapist "Learning strategies for communication with dementia clients and how to help their carers better communicate; use opinion rather than fact"