TRAINING courses

iCST Dementia offers iCST training and consultancy across London, nationally and internationally.

What does the training involve?

iCST training is a cognitive and psychosocial taught programme using a teacher and a learner-centred approach. This training includes transferring theories and research evidence into clinical practice and applying the iCST key principle, techniques through role play, video observations and completion of practical exercises. This training has been found to be a part of professional development.

What does the consultancy services involve?

Consultancy services offer assessments and support to equip individuals and organisations with knowledge, skills and develop strategies to meet individual cognitive and psychosocial needs.

Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy can be commissioned by an organisation for delivery in-house. To request further information or to discuss possible training please email Dr Phuong Leung


iCST can be delivered by carers of people with dementia, professional carers and healthcare providers.

The iCST Dementia Training programme aim: 

To equip learners with knowledge and skills to deliver iCST in a standardised, person-centred and effective way.

Learning objectives

• Recognise various cognitive and psychosocial interventions in dementia

• Learn about carer involvement in cognition-based interventions; a theoretical framework and interventions

• Learn how iCST was designed and evaluated and the iCST trial results

• Learn how to apply the key principles of iCST

• Learn to familiarise with the 75 iCST sessions

• Learn techniques and practice effective communication skills

• Develop problem-solving strategies to deliver iCST sessions

Certification: Certificate of Attendance the iCST training.

Making a difference 3

The "Making a difference 3" iCST a manual for carers can be obtained from

e-mail Hawker Publications.